About Us

Our Philosophy

The primary focus of USSSA Softball is the development of programs that allow teams of all skill levels to compete against one another. USSSA believes the overall development of all players can be enhanced by the experience and fun of micro-games and national tournament play. Until now the majority of players were denied this opportunity because of their skill level. USSSA Softball offers programs for all levels of play.

Power Rating System

Who is the best by record and strength of teams played.  The formula was designed in 1998 by one of USSSA/ISTS’s top computer master minds.  The system was designed to fairly rank teams (of the same class) that have not played near the same number of games.  The exact formula with not be disclosed in fear of a competitors copying or misuse.

The System Uses

  • Teams winning percentage

  • Teams beaten winning percentage

  • Teams lost to winning percentage

  • Number of games played

  • Number of wins and loses

  • ODM Team Ranking

The System Does Not Use

  • Game played between teams of different class

  • Score of game

  • Head to Head results

  • Wins or loses by forfeit


Can my teams power rating change even if my team is not active?

Yes, anytime results are entered for any team you have faced, (in your class) your teams power rating will change.

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